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Unique Opportunity with Success guarantee for the first franchisers

As part of GoSmarts business model, the  foundation gives opportunities to individuals as well as companies with healthy habits to Franchise individual or multiple GoSmart shops and INSPIRE by practice what You preach!
We have solutions for traditional
Convenience store and for Store in Store.

GoSmarts team of managment team will be at hand to provide all necessary means for every franchisee to be successful and profitable. Beside all immaterial documents and agreements necessary for the business, GoSmart will provide all necessary publicity, events equipment and material to realize the project and its prosperity.  

A GoSmart self-checkout system is one man show on a area of 12 -18m2 and only needs 4 hours work effort per day to be very profitable and allow the franchisee to both preach and practice! Nevertheless,the calculated gross margin is between 60-70 % and a modest sell goal of 450-1800€ per business day or 13 500-54 000€ per month is achievable for all franchisees.

The franchising fee is divided into a 2 tier-system where the
franchisee pays a flat fee of 600€-1300€ per month plus a performance fee of 6% of the turnover if certain sell goals are achieved. The fee entitles the franchisee to a set of services and products designed by professionals to ensure the branches success.

There are two options to become our partner:
Full owner   You are 100% owner of one GoSmart.
Part owner  GoSmart is your partner and you own 40%.  (Price 55% of regular price)

GoSmart Models
New GoSmart                    An independent convenience store 30m2  25000-45000€
Store in Store                    1000€/m2  standard size 15m2 costs approximately 14000€.
Transform your business    Transform your existing business into GoSmart price from 5000€

Sleep Capsules costs 1000-2500€ unit and need an average area of 2,8m2 including space for Coworking and Facilities.

Prices vary according to country, conditions and regulations.

solutions includes a fully equipped units and a full integration in GoSmarts digital system including the application, website, and marketing, menues platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well as full training on-site or at GoSmarts pilot shop in Portugal. 

Feel free to contact us if You have further questions and/or are interested in the concept!

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