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Local Owner

Go smart is  looking for new locations!
Is your place in a good location? click

We can pay you double of what your asked for monthly rent 

What we give you

  • We will search for 2 months to find the right client.

  • We give you a payment guarantee from the head office.

  • We provide 1 rent in advance.

  • You will receive the highest value between the rent and 5% of the turnover.

  • Access to sales status on Line-System.


What we need from you


  • Guarantee support in 24h in case of emergency

  • Within one week solve other maintenance problem issues.

  • Optionally act on the above service or let us access the problem ourselves for a discount in the Monthly Fee.

  • A contract with a clear description of what is included and what is not in term of service and maintenance.



Are you a great real estate agent or a dealer?

We pay 3000€ for each partner you connect to GoSmart.

How it works

  • ​Find a location for a new GoSmart  / get a deal.

  • Finde the right franchisee for GoSmart.

  • Get paid for your service.



To maintain the cooperation, you need to find a new partner every 3 months.
You send us an invoice and we pay you 30 days after signing the contract with Francaisee.


  Lets Go Go Smart ?

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