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ATA - AnyTime Anywhere


Hey, if you feel  the mood to GoFit on our Outdoor Workouts or classes at the amazing spots of Tavira then grab one of our free GoFit-ATA-bags and let´s GO.




Matt, resistance bands, jumping rope, Kettlebell and

other tools to make your Workout/Class perfect!


You can grab the ATA-bag and go by yourself. If you open the ATA bag then you will find a few quick Workouts and we are sure you will find the right Workout for you.

(Allround-Power / Eightpack-Express / Core-it-out / Cardio-Plyo-athletic)



If you'd like our company and guidance, we are thrilled to offer you a completely free Class session from our GoFit-ATA program, guided by one of our inspiring trainers.

Tuesday            Time 18,00      Total Body 

Wednesday     Time 12,30      Leg Pump-ABS                            

Saturday           Time 10,30      Fun Run-Adults with children

How to join:                 Pick up a bag in the Gosmart store  .. Rua da Salinas 6.... and you will finde out the rest.


translates our belief that anybody should get and be able to “Get the perfect mix of dopamine and endorphins, you'll feel the pure joy.” of exercise. So, at GoSmart we offer you a simple, effective, and pleasant way of doing exercise outdoors. 


With GoFit-ATA we offer you not just the necessary equipment, but also a schedule that you can follow according to your time and will, with different training programs.


The wrong Habits distracts you. The right habit motivates you. So Setup a new routine with us and become a successful athletic and healthy person.


We did the first move to Setup a new routine but you have to take it and continue, be motivated be successful! GoSmart, sit less and visit us for a challenging and fun adventure. always with your body, mind, and spirit as our major priority! Or even just for a pleasant coffee, drink, or delicious meal.



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